Data & Code Repositories

At present, please see PI Tommy Sprague's GitHub repository for materials related to past & present projects


Previous datasets from PI Tommy Sprague are available at his Open Science Framework repository

Data and Code

We believe that science is better when we all work together, so we strive to transparently share our stimulus presentation and analysis code for all published projects.

Data analysis necessarily involves many choices, especially when analyzing neuroimaging datasets. We hope by providing our data and code here, researchers can test the extent to which these choices matter. We do our best to test our results for generalization across particular analysis choices, but there's always the possibility that we've missed something.

We also maintain several active repositories of shared data analysis pipelines, including fMRI and eyetracking preprocessing scripts. If you're interested in contributing to these projects, connect with us on GitHub, or contact PI Tommy Sprague

If you use our data and/or code for your projects, citations are always appreciated. Please get in touch with us if you're having trouble getting things to work, or if you have questions about our analyses.